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Butterfly Bitch!
Rejected by a bitter, homophobic father with high political ambitions and manipulated by a hungry wolf in sheep’s clothing. Born a male turned transgender, Butterfly’s greatest desire is to fly away. Her spineless mother adds to the anguish when she leaves Butterfly to fend for herself on the cold, unforgiving streets. Like any desperate hustler, Butterfly gets on her grind and masters a few quick money-making schemes.  
  • For a brief period she enjoys the glitter and romance until her biggest lie creates a hostile frenemy who shows no mercy. Soon, Butterfly’s troubled life tumbles violently out of control. By chance she runs into Atwater, the perfect man with the perfect plan to stabilize her otherwise twisted world.
  • With the lure of power and wealth beyond her imagination, Atwater entices Butterfly to undertake a part in his shiesty scams. Her acceptance will usher in what’s sure to be a tumultuous storm that neither of them can escape.
  • Will Butterfly consent to temptation or fly away to free herself from Atwater’s devilish arms?

Michael A. Robinson

Michael A. Robinson has always been described as having a gift for creating stories that make fictional stories mirror real life. He hails from Carson, California which is a city in the harbor area of Los Angeles County. He grew up in an era in LA where people were trying to make their dreams reality, and he has persisted in this mindset by keeping true to his core beliefs of: reach one, teach one. 
  Growing up in a gang infested environment, having traveled extensively around the Nation, and having lived 2 years in Brazil as a fugitive, he has an aspect of life that is rare and jewel. All this is exemplified in his writing . . . a writing style that is fluid and natural, raw, yet real.

Wahida Clark

Four-time New York Times bestselling author Wahida Clark has become one of the most sought after Urban Lit authors of this generation and is one of only 4 Urban (Street) Lit authors to appear on the New York Times bestseller list.
Wahida began writing her first novel while serving a 9 ½ year prison sentence, including 9 months in solitary confinement, at the Lexington Prison Camp in Lexington, Ky. While behind bars, Clark inked a publishing deal with a major publishing house, wrote and released 7 novels and laid the groundwork for her publishing company, Wahida Clark Presents Publishing.  To date she has released 13 successful novels including Four New York Times bestsellers. Her own publishing company, Wahida Clark Presents is one of the fastest growing independent publishing houses in the country. WCP has 46 titles currently in stores across the country and has a roster of 19 established urban authors.

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